• £15 could pay for access to one full start-up workshop for one person
  • £80 could pay for access to a co-working desk for 1 month for one person
  • £480 could pay for a full package of 1-to-1 support from our dedicated highly experienced business advisor for one person
Your contributions go a long way towards supporting individuals wanting to start their own social impact businesses

Since 2018, we have supported over 100 social impact businesses in their start-up process, through both our programmes and with access to our co-working spaces

Other ways to support Seeds

Time & Expertise

Do you have expertise in running a social business?  We are always looking for people willing to volunteer their time to come and share their wealth of knowledge with participants!


If you resonate with our mission here at Seeds and would be interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you! We have lots of exciting upcoming events that you could come and get involved with – Keep an eye out on our website for potential volunteering opportunities here.


Corporate and Educational Institutions that share a passion and commitment for positive social change are always welcome!  

If you would be interesting in a partnership please contact [email protected] for more information.