It's Time to Start Your Journey

Our start-up and accelerator programmes support social impact businesses to grow and flourish. Our programmes work with people who are underrepresented in the start-up community space and those who don’t have access to the resources, networks or funding to get their idea off the ground.  


We run two programmes: a start-up, for businesses still in the ideas stage; and an accelerator for existing businesses that are looking for support to grow. Find out which programme is right for you below.

Start-Up Programme

Got an idea for a business for good, charity or social enterprise but not sure how to get it off the ground? 
Duration: 6 months
Cost: Free
When: October 2023 - April 2024

What you'll get:
Six-months free access to a co-working desk at Seeds Hub in Wembley
One-to-one business advice from a specialist advisor
Access to workshops, networking events and peer support sessions.

Accelerator Programme

Is your business for good, charity or social enterprise stuck in the start-up stage? Need support to grow?
Duration: 3 months
Cost: Free
When: May-August 2023

What you'll get:
Three-months free access to a co-working desk at Seeds Hub in Wembley
One-to-one business advice from a specialist advisor
Access to workshops, networking events and peer support sessions.

The impact of the Seeds Hub mentoring programme has been phenomenal. I knew I had the ability and an idea, but I did not know how to structure it and bring it to fruition. Having Seeds Hub as a support mechanism allowed me to articulate the structure of the business.
Ariane Mercurius- Taylor
A great experience - the whole concept is brilliant! The programme created space for local people who were often facing similar challenges to talk and share their ideas - I loved all the peer-to-peer elements - it was lovely to have such a strong sense of community.
Jo Robinson
Some of the most useful things I learned on the programme were how to set myself up as a business, how to get funding and how to promote myself. All the different workshops were amazing - I know a lot more about marketing, branding and how to budget now. The programme also helped me to believe in my project - it made it real.
Amanda Epe
I found the programme very useful - the workshops were so varied, there was something for everyone at every stage of the start-up process. It was great learning from peers and collaborating on business projects.
I started working on a 121 basis with clients, which I'd always wanted to do - the programme gave me the encouragement and the space.
The webinar sessions delivered by Seeds Hub were varied and covered all the areas that were necessary for setting up a business. The team were very supportive and always available to motivate and encourage me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and would highly recommend Seeds Hub.
Iman Hamid
The programme gave me the opportunity to network and collaborate with other start-up business owners - they were such an inspiring, friendly and diverse group! The peer-to-peer mentoring sessions were especially useful as they gave the group the opportunity to explore common start-up problems and challenges and opened up avenues for working together.
Ivor David
I had a business idea that I was developing and I needed some external feedback, input and support. The team exceeded my expectations. I liked the flexibility of the programme.
The programme enhanced my knowledge and skills in many ways,

it helped me to understand the framework of building a business for new entrepreneurs like myself. The programme gave me a confidence boost. I felt part of a community because I was surrounded by likeminded people - we had the same goals but in different fields.